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FAA documents
FAA Nellis Letter of Agreement
FAA handoff Garmin GDB3
FAA handoff  GPX
FAA handoff Google Earth KMZ

Dreamland (NNSS) Nellis Letter of Agreement
NNSS Nellis Remotely Piloted Aircraft Memorandum of Understanding

NV65 Desert Rock Airspace
Desert Rock Airspace Garmin GDB3
Desert Rock Airspace GPX
Desert Rock Airspace Google Earth KMZ


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Don't cross into any restricted areas. They are either fenced off or simply marked by "orange poles."

Tikaboo Peak is one of the locations where you can view Groom Lake. These links contain two trails. One to reach the staging area. The other is the hike from the staging area to the peak. Several parking locations are indicated as waypoints. The road is dirt suitable for cars but eventually requiring SUV as you get near the end. If you have a car, your hike will be longer.
Tikaboo Garmin GDB3
Tikaboo GPX
Tikaboo Google Earth KMZ

51Gate refers to the front gate of the facility at Groom Lake. You really don't need a GPS to get there, but this does document the trip. The road is dirt but suitable for cars.
51Gate Garmin GDB3
51Gate GPX
51Gate Google Earth KMZ

Bald Mountain is the main observation point for the Groom Lake facility. This trail documents some of the roads that terminate near the site. It really isn't suitable for navigation unless you want to visit the border points in this same exact sequence. The road starts out suitable for cars, but will eventually require SUVs.
Bald Garmin GDB3
Bald GPX
Bald Google Earth KMZ

Range 61 is a live bombing range near Groom Lake. Note the word "live." This means they drop real bombs on it,or shoot structures with gunships. This range is fenced off. The road to the gate is suitable for cars, but bear in mind it is not visited often. The intent of this trip is to view a Groom Lake security camera.  It is as close as you can get to one. Drive the route to the end, then hike up the hill to your left. The camera is behind the fence. It can be spotted on Google Earth as a bright dot due to the solar cell reflector.
Range61 Garmin GDB3
Range61 GPX
Range61 Google Earth KMZ

Road Block Canyon is a route that leads to the now restricted Freedom Ridge. There really is nothing to see here, but it is a part of history. The road block is due to the Groom security forces dynamiting some nearby rock formation, with the debris falling on the road. It really isn't a road block for some vehicles, but driving over the rocks is not suggested .There is a parking spot waypoint in the file. This is a SUV trip. The waypoint "rbdanger" is to alert the driver that on the way back from the road block, you need to turn to the left else the vehicle will go down a small hill and probably not be drivable afterwards. This hill is easily spotted on the way to road block, but not easily spotted on the way back. Note that due to the remoteness of this location, the border warning signs have been stolen. The orange poles should still be there.
Roadblock Garmin GDB3
Roadblock GPX
Roadblock Google Earth KMZ

Keno is a dirt airstrip used in training. This route leads to a hill near the Keno airstrip. The road is strictly 4WD with offroad tires. There is a small section that is pure rock which will shred passenger car tires.
Keno Garmin GDB3
Keno GPX
Keno Google Earth KMZ

Dave Simms, AKA Control Tower Dave, was a Rachel local, now deceased. This route leads to a hill he used that sometimes had Red Flag activity. The hill is interesting from the standpoint that it looks at the Ragged Ridge Facility, due west of the spot. Strictly 4WD.
Dave Garmin GDB3
Dave GPX
Dave Google Earth KMZ

Brainwash Butte is a viewing location for the Tonopah Test Range. (The name comes from Brainwash Cola, based on a tale from Tom Mahood.) The road is dirt. It has been reached by cars, but 4WD is certainly better if you don't have another vehicle with you. The waypoint "braindip" is at a creek crossing. Normally this is dry except in the winter. Cars may bottom at this location. Drive until the trail on the map ends (the actual road goes much further) and then walk up the double track to the butte. Since there are double tracks there, it is obvious some vehicles have driven to the top, but the trail has some very large rocks.
Brainwash Garmin GDB3
Brainwash GPX
Brainwash Google Earth KMZ

Mount Diablo in Nevada isn't much of a mountain. Never the less, it is a main geographical reference point. There is even a DMA (Defense Mapping Agency) marker on it. The hill can be used to view the Tonopah Test Range, though you are very close to the main gate and TTR guards are allowed to talk to visitors. However, this is public land and you have a right to be there. Just don't expect them to bring out the flying saucers if you are on this hill. The route is very close to the border. Observe signs in the area. The border is mostly fenced off, but a small area near the main gate isn't fenced off, but merely marked with a boundary limit sign.
Mount Diablo Garmin GDB3
Mount Dialbo GPX
Mount Diablo Google Earth KMZ

Mount Irish loop is just a nice drive. Don't expect to see much on the trip. Occasionally Nellis will park surface to air trucks along the road (either real with the missiles removed or dummies). There is also a radio facility on the peak.
Mount Irish Loop Garmin GDB3
Mount Irish Loop. GPX
Mount Irish Google Earth KMZ

Texas Lake is a dry lake that is/was used by Groom Lake for emergency landings. The outline of the lake resembles Texas. Fighter aircraft are often fueled above Texas Lake. The small hill at the end of the trail has some petroglyphs.
Texas Lake Garmin GBD3
Texas Lake GPX
Texas Lake KMZ

Project Faultless was an underground nuclear explosion done by the Atomic Energy Commission. It is one of the few explosions not on the Nevada Test Site.
Faultless Garmin GDB3
Faultless GPX
Faultless KMZ